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January 16 2014


Nature Dry Carpet Cleaning Introduction


 The Nature-Dry Carpet Cleaning uses revolutionary natural and dry rug cleaning system that cleans your carpets using simply no water. It leaves your carpets bright, clean and Bone-Dry. We proudly introduce the actual Host Dry Extraction Rug cleaning System. The Host is Green Seal, USDA BioPreffered, US Green Building Council and Indoor Air Quality certified product. - natural carpet cleaning

That which you avoid
-- No soap, no water, no shampoo
-- No wet or sticky residues
-- No drying time -- premade immediately
-- No shrinkage
-- No resoiling
-- No damaging odour, no chemical-based perfumes
-- No main door is kept open during cleaning (no loss your precious heat)
-- No sending someone unknown to your residence who's hired yesterday
What we should do
-- Use 100% organic plant based compound
-- Use unique advanced brushing and dry extraction machine
-- Safe for individuals and pets
-- Safe for every type of carpet
-- Lifts carpet pile
-- Naturally deodorizes, no perfumes
-- Removes termites, mold, mildew and other allergens
-- Owner-operator business
 Surprisingly, 85% of tracked in soil is dry, the rest of the 15% is oily and will removed by brushing- vacuuming. Our two 5" diameter counter-rotating brushes create more effective agitation for better dirt removal. It is essential to remember how the brushes go through the pile and raise it up. Vacuum generates 120 CFM at the carpet, which is identical to central vacuum system. Before the cleaning we vacuum the dry soil and then our organic, natural dry compound will be applied to your carpets. We quite often call the compound "sponges", because that's effectively what they're. We brush carpet properly in different direction. Imagine small sponges cleaning every individual fiber of your carpet and absorbing the dirt and oils! This is done using counter-rotating brushes that penetrate deep into the pile. Once this process is done, we merely vacuum the compound.
 In traditional wet extraction method, water as well as other liquids soak into the carpet yarns and backing and may 't be easily removed. Carpet dries in the top down. Liquid is slowly drawn up the sides with the yarns by evaporation. This is called wicking and is also the reason some spots reappears the rug dries.
But Nature Dry Carpet Cleaning uses 97% less water than typical wet cleaner.

 I don���t give you the least expensive price on the market, however offer the healthiest option for cleaning your carpet. I service the Calgary property owner searching out the highest quality instead of the lowest price. As a possible owner operated boutique business, I support my work and live by my reputation. I'll clean your carpets the way I clean my own carpets. - natural carpet cleaning

Request for free demonstration contact us 587 439 9999 or email to naturedrycarpet@gmail.com

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